Outlook search indexing is paused in Windows 11 | Microsoft Surface tablet

I have installed the Office app in Windows 11 on my Surface Pro 7. With the latest updates, the file search function is not working at all. I am unable to search for the last three day outlook email files. I haven’t enabled any local group policy and the system alters indexing is paused. How can I resolve the problem?

Many users can not search Outlook mail and get the indexing is pause in Windows 11. I rebuil and change to another location, but nothing takes effect. if you also face the same issue, try any of the methods to fix it.

Repairing Profile from Outlook Desktop Application

  • Press Windows key + R from your keyboard, type appwiz.cpl into Run dialog box and click OK button to open the Programs & Features window.
  • Right click on the Microsoft Office Suite or Microsoft 365 from list, and select Change option.
  • Check Quick Repair box, and click on the Repair button to continue. You’d better perform the Repairing a few times after the PC is turned off and on.

Temporary way by editing registry value

  • Click on the Search icon from taskbar, type regedit, and select the top one from result. Within the Registry Editor, expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and navigate to the sub-tree below:


  • Expand the Microsoft folder, right-click on the Windows key, select Edit > New > Key, and name it as Windows Search.
  • Select Windows Search key and go to its right side pane. Right-click any empty area, select Edit > New > DWORD Value, name it as PreventIndexingOutlook, and set its value data to 1. Finally restart your tablet or computer to apply that.

Resetting the related service

  • Right click on your taskbar, and select Task Manager option.
  • Go to Services tab, scroll down to find the service named “WINDOWS SEARCH”, right click on it and select Restart option. Then go back to the rebuild index option window, the Indexing is paused will be gone away and everything becomes normally.


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