Install Failure: Windows cannot be installed to disk 0 partition 1.

IDE PATA Windows 7 Install Fixed for “windows cannot be installed to disk 0 partition 1” error


I’ve been looking at forums and trying things for hours…and I finally have Windows 7 Installing on a PATA IDE drive!!!

Most of the information out there is on getting SATA or RAID working.  The information did ultimately help. Most of the fixes have been to removed drives from SATA connections. In my case, I actually had to put a slave drive on my primary cable.

I originally had Windows XP on a drive the died. It was the primary Master and there was no Primary Slave. I have a DVD-RW and a CD-RW as the secondary master and slave (second cable). I also have a floppy drive.

I have a “bone yard” of parts. i found a 40 GB drive to replace the 80 GB drive that died. (Don’t need too much space since this is my mother-in-laws computer and she just uses it for email.

I had just did a different old PC that only had PATA earlier in the day and it went very easy. For it I did the following:

 1. Removed the dead drive and Installed the “new” drive

 2. Booted from Windows Install DVD

 3. Formatted drive under the Advance section

 4. Still had the error, so rebooted. Noticed that bios flashed something about finding a new drive and automatically adding it.

 5. started Windows Install DVD again and everything worked just fine.

For the Second PC, no such luck.

I tried every thing I could think of. went in and out of bios. formatted drive. tried the DiskPart trick shown above, reordered the drives. At one point I replaced the drive with another. (again only having one drive on the primary cable.) and then formatted
that drive…then it wouldn’t show up at all in Windows 7 Installer, but still showed up in the BIOS.

I was about to remove the CD and Floppy…and put the used HDD on the same cable as the DVD drive, but kept trying things because the HDD section is easily available in my PC, but the DVD/CD section requires pulling out the power supply and is like major
surgery. (DUMB design!!!) I had a second IDE drive. So I put that on as the Primary Slave and redid the pins for master/slave.  

Now I have the original used drive I stared with as Primary Master, the second used drive as Primary Slave, The DVD-RW as Secondary Master, and CD-RW as Secondary Slave. Floppy still in also.

I boot with the Windows install DVD…and it magically shows both drives. (Yes, i quaduple checked the master/slave settings for each configuration I tried. YES, i know that the WD drive has a jumper setting for Master and a different one for Master with
Slave 😉  This time no “windows cannot be installed to disk 0 partition 1” error and the install is gong on now as I type this.  SCORE!

What is the real fix?  Is there any real pattern to this?  I’m not sure, but there is constant responses to the fact that the installer is confused at times with or without multiple drives.  Since the install can see the drive (except for
the one scenario for me), you would think that you could just tell it “YES, That one!” and they could go do it.

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